Leak being repaired at Palisades

The Palisades nuclear power plant.

COVERT — A through-wall leak was found at Palisades nuclear power plant last Saturday during a visual inspection of the reactor head, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission reported Wednesday. 

The NRC released a notification that the non-emergency leak was found on a reactor vessel head control rod drive nozzle. An NRC metallurgical specialist was on site inspecting Palisades’ reactor vessel assessment activities when the problem was identified.

The resident inspectors were onsite as well and were notified when the discovery was made. 

In addition, Palisades found similar ultrasonic test characteristics in another nozzle while assessing the condition of other control rod drive nozzles, but this nozzle did not exhibit evidence of through-wall leakage.

Palisades will repair the problems before the plant restarts from the current refueling outage. 

Last week, the plant officially began a scheduled $62 million refueling and maintenance outage. It is the first of two remaining at Palisades before the plant’s retirement in spring 2022.

The NRC inspectors will continue to be on site to monitor the assessment, actions and repairs to ensure they are done in accordance with safety regulations.

The NRC will make an inspection report publicaly available after inspection activities are done. 

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