BRIDGMAN — Not long after voters legalized recreational pot use, Bridgman opted out of allowing such businesses. But at the time it also promised to further study the issue, and Monday council members seemed to set in motion a way forward.

City Attorney Sara Senica recommended that the matter be addressed at a future meeting, when prior notice is given to residents so both sides can be heard.

During the meeting resident Jim Janes, a firefighter, read a prepared statement in which he said he spoke only for himself. He cited his extensive training on drug and alcohol enforcement and said he is totally against allowing marijuana businesses in the city.

City leaders agreed that a recommendation from city planning commission is needed. Planning commission Chairman Steve Parsons said planners are participating in a webinar on the subject conducted by Michigan State University that will run through October.

Also on Monday the city moved toward a future with a greater emphasis on recreational programming and park management, with the decision to create the positions of director and assistant director. Two candidates were interviewed for the positions, from a field of 10, the city manager reported.