Maytag gets creative with 'sexy ad campaign'

One of several images that will appear in People Magazine depicts the Maytag Man as a dishwasher. It is part of the company’s Sexiest Appliance Alive advertising campaign. 

BENTON HARBOR — The Maytag Man is bringing sexy back.

At least, that’s what the home appliance brand is telling its consumers.

As part of a new advertising campaign that launched on multiple platforms Wednesday, Maytag will be featured as 2019’s “Sexiest Appliance Alive” in a two-page spread hitting People Magazine on Friday. 

Allison Gillespie, senior brand manager of Maytag, said the sexiest appliance ad campaign has been in motion for about two months. However, she said the roots of the campaign can be traced back several years.

“Ever since we launched the Maytag Man campaign in 2014, people have said he was sexy and the embodiment of Maytag reliance,” Gillespie said. “It felt really perfect to integrate with People’s ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ edition.”

As part of the effort, Whirlpool hired David Burton, the celebrity photographer who shot last year’s ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ cover, to shoot the the Maytag campaign.

Gillespie said the photoshoot took place in September, when Burton and Colin Ferguson – the actor who portrays the Maytag Man – came to Benton Harbor.

Burton, who did the Idris Elba cover shoot for People, completed the Maytag photoshoot in two days. In hiring Burton, Maytag was able to make its advertising appear to be part of the magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive” spread.

The campaign also includes social media postings and website integration that launched Wednesday.

In addition to the photos captured, Gillespie said they also did video pieces. Some of the video segments appear on People’s website.

“That was a unique part. We worked with People to create this campaign and bring it to life,” Gillespie said.

“People’s editorial team was really excited and helped integrate it (with the magazine). We wanted to inject ourselves into these pop culture moments.”

The spread in Friday’s magazine is of the Maytag Man sitting in as a dishwasher holding champagne glasses.

In another photo, he is portraying a cooking range making a romantic meal.

“All the content has some nod to Maytag’s humor,” Gillespie said. “We really wanted to lean into the wit and humor of the Maytag Man since we are executing across different vehicles. The print aspect is unique. We haven’t done a lot of print in recent years for Maytag. But we’re hoping to reach a lot more people.”

Through research, Gillespie said they know lot of Maytag’s consumer base reads the magazine. She said the company’s marketing agency in Chicago handled a lot of the back and forth with the magazine.

“For me, it’s been fun because I was on the brand when we launched the (2014) Maytag Man campaign,” Gillespie said.

“To be part of something like this shows we can evolve with the times and do fun things that only Maytag can do. We have a man with a physical embodiment as an appliance.”

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