Med+Leaf gets state OK

HARTFORD — Hartford’s medical marijuana dispensary now has local and state approval.

The state gave approval to Med+Leaf at the end of May, allowing them to start remodeling at 309 W. Main St.

“Our store build out should begin momentarily and our goal is to be open for business around Oct. 1,” said Doug Von Koenig, an investor in Med+Leaf, in an email this week.

The business had to reapply to the state for licensing in March after restructuring its LLC. Alex Von Koenig, who will run Med+Leaf with his partner Janel, said at the time its original application was denied due to a problem with the way the LLC was set up.

He said reapplying was a quicker route than appealing because the state has been behind on processing applications.

The Hartford City Commission approved the application last June and had given Med+Leaf a year to get state licensing. Med+Leaf met that deadline with the help of a 90-day extension granted by the commissioners in March.

The store at 309 W. Main St. will sell medical marijuana and marijuana infused products. According to Hartford’s medical marijuana ordinance, it can be the only dispensary in the city. The ordinance allows for one of each type of medical marijuana facility.

Med+Leaf had originally wanted to open the business at 11 W. Main St., but it was deemed too close to a church, leading to city commissioners denying the original application.

Marijuana facilities must be more than 500 feet away from churches and more than 1,000 feet away from schools.

The 309 W. Main St. location meets all the distance requirements and has been inspected by the city’s fire and police chiefs and building inspector. The city’s planning commission and lawyer have reviewed the application as well. 

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