Morton Hill resurgence

Talking Saturday outside the Morton House Museum in Benton Harbor are, from left, Chuck Jager, member of the museum board; Corey Bell, founder of the Morton Hill Improvement Association; and the Rev. Laurie Hartzell, pastor of First Presbyterian Church, which is behind the museum. They spoke about the future of Morton Hill after Jager talked at the church about the neighborhood’s history.

BENTON HARBOR — Supporters of Morton Hill in Benton Harbor want to make sure they are part of the rejuvenation of the city as former factory towns bounce back.

“Nationwide, not just Benton Harbor, we see a resurgence of downtowns and cities,” said historian Chuck Jager, who lived on the hill for 10 years and is a longtime member of the board of directors for the Morton House Museum. “People are now going, ‘Hey, I want to live in cities. I want to hang out in cities.’ It’s becoming the cool thing to do.”