BARODA — The Baroda Township Board on Monday voted unanimously to approve a special assessment for township property owners in the Nash Drain area.

Berrien County Drain Commissioner Christopher Quattrin said the board could choose for the assessments to be paid all at once, or over a 10-year period. “These are healthy payments” for some property owners, according to Treasurer Brenda Troxell, so the board chose to spread the costs to owners over 10 years.

Quattrin said the total project cost will be around $39,000. The work includes replacing a collapsed enclosed line, he said.

The drain, established in in 1891, also extends into Lake Township. It is located west of Hickory Creek, between Linco and Hinchman roads.

Also on Monday, the board approved paying Arnt Asphalt $8,350 to repair part of a paved walking path in the township park at Hess Lake.

The repair is where a “trip and fall” accident happened, Troxell said. The company will also cut out tree roots that heaved the pavement and caused the accident.

Arnt Asphalt proposed additional repairs, but the board tabled that proposal to check out how much money is left in the budget for such work.

In other matters, Troxell said the township is forming a committee to take a look at its ordinances. Some ordinances “have been around forever” and need to be studied, she said.

“We’re looking for volunteers” among township residents, Supervisor Jim Brow said. Troxell said the committee will be made up of board and planning commission members, but also needs an “at-large person.”

Brow said he’s in the office from 9 a.m. to noon on Fridays, but wonders whether that time should be “cut back ... I’m the only one here from nine to 12, and I get pretty lonely.”

Former township clerk Wendie Shafer, filling in for regular Clerk Christina Price who is on maternity leave, said the law requires township officials to do their jobs but does not mandate office hours. Still, one audience member said the township has been consistently reducing office hours while officials’ pay has remained the same or increased.

“OK, I’ll come in from nine to 12 and keep track of how many people come in,” Brow said. “If zero come in, I may come back to the board.”