STEVENSVILLE — Several “No Parking” signs recently erected along St. Joseph Avenue in the Village of Stevensville are coming down, at least temporarily.

Stevensville Village trustees voted Wednesday to take the signs down while they figure out a better way to solve the problems caused by cars, which are leaving ruts in the grass.

Village President Steve Slavicek said they put the signs up because one person complained his car got covered in grass from the village mower, and a recently planted tree died because a car ran over it.

That section of the street has houses on one side and a grassy area leading to railroad tracks on the other. Residents said their houses are close together with single-car driveways, so they have parked temporarily in the grassy area across the street for years with no problems.

Retired Michigan State Police Trooper Jeff Miazga, who lives along that stretch of road, said the “No Parking” signs can’t be enforced because no traffic control survey was done.

He said many residents have children who like to ride their bikes and scooters in the driveways.

“Now their parents have no place to put their cars,” he said.

He said it’s not illegal for residents to park along the street in front of their houses, but that would cause problems because traffic would have to go around their vehicles. He said it’s safer to park their vehicles across the street in the grass.

During village festivals, he said a lot of people park along the road.

Sandra Ballinger said she’s lived in her house for 41 years.

“And for 41 years, people have parked across the street and there’s never been a problem,” she said. “Back in the day, we even mowed over there.”

Jennifer Kickles said there are many more serious problems along that road than parking in the grass.

“People race up and down that road,” she said. “We were out there Memorial Day telling people ... to slow down, and they just went on by us.”

Residents said that people park across the street when they have rummage sales or have friends and family visit.

They said that when they see the mowers coming, they move their cars out of the way. One lady said that if someone’s car got covered in grass, it was that person’s fault for not moving his car.

Other residents said the signs are an eyesore.

Village Trustee Chris Mason said he appreciates the residents attending the meeting.

“We had an issue with mowing, new employees worried about damaging people’s cars, rocks, trees being run over,” he said. “Our solution was putting up the signs. ... We’re now taking into consideration a new solution to figure it out.”

Village trustees said they will talk about other solutions at their next meeting, which is at 7 p.m. July 10 at the Village Hall on St. Joseph Avenue.

Trustee Pat Arter asked everyone to follow the village’s Facebook page to keep up on activities.

Car show

Today from 4-8 p.m., the 2019 Stevensville Car Show, sponsored by the Lakeshore Lions Club, will be in downtown Stevensville.

And at dusk, “The Karate Kid” will be shown on an outdoor big screen in downtown Stevensville between the Village Hall and Watermark Brewing. People are asked to bring blankets, chairs and snacks to this free event.

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