Pickle ball picks up steam in Lincoln Township

Tennis and pickle ball courts are pictured at Community Center Park in Lincoln Township. The township is adding striping to one of the tennis courts so it can also be used for pickle ball. 

STEVENSVILLE — Lincoln Township is making an alteration to one of its tennis courts.

At its September board meeting, trustees listened to a presentation from several pickle ball enthusiasts, who made a pitch to have the township’s tennis courts painted to show lines for pickle ball play.

At Tuesday’s board meeting, the township instead opted to add lines to one of the two existing tennis courts. This in effects adds two more pickle ball courts.

Treasurer Terrie Smith said the township intends to paint pickle ball lines on the two halves of one tennis court.

The cost to add the lines to the one tennis court – which can still be used for tennis – is $750. The expense will be paid for by the township’s parks fund.

About three years ago, Smith said the township went forward on a project to update Community Center Park. The township chose to add two pickle ball courts, but a consultant at the time recommended adding more, based on the sports growing popularity.

“Pickle ball is being played all over,” Smith said. “We didn’t think it was that big.”

Smith said the pickle ball courts have been used on a consistent basis.

With two tennis and two pickle ball courts, the township agreed to add striping to one of the tennis courts. This should help with the abundance of players who use the courts.

By splitting a tennis court into two pickle ball courts, Smith said users would have to bring portable nets.

If players wish to play tennis on the hybrid court, the lines will be different colors. To go by pickle ball measurements, the lines will be blue. To play by tennis regulations, the lines will be white.

Prior to the Community Center Park renovation, the township had four tennis courts. After converting two of those into pickle ball courts, Smith said the township wishes to keep at least one court for tennis use only.

“You see people out there from time to time working with their kids,” she said. “We don’t want anyone turned away.”

Smith said trustees appreciated the input brought before the board and could tell how popular the sport has become.

“We have some older generations here and pickle ball is easier than tennis,” Smith said. “It’s a similar concept, just a different ball.”

The two sports are similar with slight differences. In addition to there being different balls, pickle ball uses paddles instead of rackets and players serve underhand.

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