Police question dog attack claim

BRIDGMAN — A Bridgman man’s account of his son being bitten by a dog is not adding up for city police.

Police Chief Daniel Unruh announced Thursday he is sending reports to the Berrien County Prosecutor’s Office for a possible charge of filing a false police report.

Elex Dubar told police a dog bit his son, Bentley, 3, on Sunday along Lake Street. Dubar told police his son had approached a woman and her dog, and the woman allowed the boy to pet the animal. The dog allegedly bit the child in the face, causing injuries that may require reconstructive surgery.

Dubar told police the woman “just walked away” with her dog, described as possibly a golden retriever.

Unruh announced Thursday that a tip led him and Patrolman Jason Cleveland to conclude the incident location and the description of the woman and her dog were false. 

Police were able to find the correct dog, and it is being quarentined by Berrien County Animal Control, Unruh reported.