BRIDGMAN — Bridgman police are asking for the public’s help in identifying a woman whose dog, according to police, attacked a young child Sunday. The child was taken to the hospital and now is recovering at home.

“We don’t know the dog’s status. We want to make sure it’s had shots,” Police Chief Daniel Unruh said.

Elex Dubar of Bridgman said he was walking with his 3-year-old son, Bentley Zane Dubar, at about 6:20 p.m. Sunday on Lake Street near Toth Street when a woman walking a dog allowed the child to pet the dog. As the child and father started to walk away, the dog bit the child in the face.

Elex Dubar took his son to Lakeland Medical Center, St. Joseph, where the boy underwent surgery and received stitches. 

“He’s alright, but he’s hurt. He’s in pain,” Dubar said by telephone. “We have to go see a plastic surgeon. They said he may need reconstruction surgery because his left eye is drooping, and there’s a chance he could lose his sight in that eye.”

Dubar said he has two dogs of his own and Bentley was playing with them Monday afternoon and did not seem afraid. But, while on a walk Monday, Dubar said, “He flipped out when a lady was walking a dog.” He said it was not the same woman and dog as on Sunday, but he had to cross to the other side of the street to comfort the child.

Dubar said after the dog bit the child Sunday, the woman with the dog continued walking east on Lake Street. 

“She just walked away,” he said. 

He described the dog as a caramel-colored Labrador or golden retriever mix. He said the dog looks like “the Bush’s Baked Beans dog, except maybe older with more fur.”

Anyone who witnessed the incident or who knows of a woman who walks a dog in the Lake Street area is asked to call the Bridgman Police Department at 465-3880. 

Contact:, 932-0359, Twitter: @HPSwidwa