Quattrin poses plan to fix flooding

COLOMA — Flooding relief may soon be coming to residents in the area of Rosemary Drive and Pine Court in Coloma Township.

County Drain Commissioner Christopher Quattrin presented a plan to the Coloma Township Board on Wednesday night to extend the Kelly Drain, which runs just south of those roads, to include houses in that area.

Residents in the area of Rosemary Drive and Pine Court have been experiencing flooding and other water problems around their homes for more than seven years now.

“This will get some relief to that area,” Quattrin said. “Now we just have to get easements from homeowners and figure out how to pay for it.”

These flooding concerns were brought to the township and county last year, which prompted the cleaning out of the Kelly Drain this summer. The cleaning is almost complete.

“We’re getting the water flowing, but it doesn’t address the people that are having the most problems,” Quattrin said.

He said the fix for the flooding would be a pipe that would run south through that area, between houses, under Rosemary Drive and into the Kelly Drain. In the middle of the system would be a catch basin with a weir, which controls the flow of the water out of it.

“It’s a wetland there already and by conveying the water through it, it would make it healthier,” Quattrin said.

He said it would cost between about $160,000 and $225,000.

“We’ll have to refine the plans and get with our legal team, then we can come back to you with some suggestions on how to pay for it,” Quattrin said. “If we can get the easements, it will make it go a lot smoother.”

In other business, the township board members discussed creating a fireworks ordinance that aligns with the state fireworks law.

Coloma Township Police Chief Wes Smigielski told the the commission that he can’t enforce fireworks law outside of around holidays if the township doesn’t have a local ordinance.

Board members approved hiring Cindy LaGrow to help create the township’s new five-year parks and recreation plan. For a $6,500 fee, she will create the plan and write any grants the township wants to apply for next year.

The current parks plan runs out at the end of the year and board members agreed they didn’t want it to lapse. 

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