If I am the victim of a home invasion, and a gun I own is stolen, would I get notified if it was recovered? Mine was stolen in 2001. Also, is there a way to check a gun’s serial number to see if you have unknowingly purchased a stolen gun?

Kevin, St. Joseph

Hello Kevin, great questions.

If your residence (or any building you own) is broken into and firearms are stolen, either the original agency that you reported the incident to or the department recovering the property should contact you.

Actually, the same usually goes for any stolen property that has been entered into the Law Enforcement Information Network (LEIN) system. If a department recovers the gun or property other than the agency you reported it to, that department normally contacts the original one in order to confirm its status. The property is ultimately turned over to the original agency once it’s recovered and subsequently returned to the owner after processing it for evidentiary purposes (fingerprints, ballistics testing, etc.) in the event it may have been used in other crimes.

If owners of the gun(s) or other stolen property don’t or cannot furnish the required information to police in order to enter it into the LEIN system, authorities will not know if the items are stolen or not. The required information usually consists of serial numbers, model numbers, make or brand, caliber, barrel length, etc. and items cannot be entered without it.

Regarding your second question, owners of long guns are not required to register them in Michigan. When purchasing a handgun, you are required to complete a permit to purchase. During that process, you (the purchaser) and the weapon’s serial number are checked through the LEIN system by law enforcement to determine if you are permitted to own or possess a gun, along with whether or not it is reported stolen. For more information concerning firearms, see Michigan Compiled Laws Section 28.422.

I hope this information helps.