Rumors swirl about future of Sherman's Dairy Bar

Wendy Mohney serves up two popular ice cream flavors, blue moon and butter pecan at Sherman’s Dairy Bar in South Haven. Sherman’s will not be producing ice cream on site, nor distributing it to other businesses this year. However, it will still sell ice cream at its dairy bar on Phoenix Road.

SOUTH HAVEN — Contrary to numerous social media posts that Sherman’s Dairy Bar will close, company officials say that is not the case.

However, what is true is that South Haven’s popular ice cream maker will no longer produce or distribute its wholesale product.

The rumors about the company began circulating earlier this week when businesses that sell Sherman’s ice cream received a letter indicating the company would not be producing ice cream at its facility on Phoenix Road.

From there people began speculating Sherman’s would close at the end of this season.

On Thursday a company manager who did not want to be named said that the dairy bar will remain open for the season.

When asked what would happen next year, the manager said, “Right now we’re getting through, season by season.”

Although Sherman’s won’t be making its own ice cream on site, its dairy bar will remain open to the local residents and visitors who patiently stand in line each summer to enjoy a cool treat. Sherman’s has ice cream stored away in deep freezers. If it runs out of some of the varieties, they will be produced elsewhere.

A number of production issues have led the company to stop making ice cream on-site, according to the manager. 

Sherman’s has been a fixture in South Haven for many years. The company can trace its roots back to 1916 when the Sherman family started delivering milk house to house. The company started making ice cream in the late 1940s and has produced more than 50 flavors over the years, with many of the recipes created by owner Bob Eisenman.