SOUTH HAVEN — Police in South Haven responded Tuesday evening to a report of a people being washed off the pier, but instead located a woman who apparently didn't understand the danger she had put herself in.

South Haven police late Tuesday posted to Facebook an account of the near miss, saying that they and South Haven Area Emergency Services were dispatched to the city's South Pier around 7:30 p.m. "for a report of people washed off the pier into Lake Michigan."

Police rushed to the scene and went onto the pier to search for the victims, with large waves still crashing across the structure. "Officers located a lone female at the end of the pier by the lighthouse. The victim said that she had been out there for the past hour and did not see anyone else out there. The female stated she would walk behind the lighthouse when bigger waves would crash onto the pier."

The post continued: "The female had just moved to town and did not realize the danger she was in out on the pier. Bystanders that called 911 reported seeing someone on the pier and then not seeing them. None of the witnesses said they saw anyone get washed off from the pier."

Police went on to implore residents and visitors to "never go out on any structure when waves are washing across. The public are putting themselves and rescuers lives at risk when doing such dangerous activity by walking out on the piers during high wave events."