ST. JOSEPH — St. Joseph Township elected officials will get a 2 percent pay hike starting Jan. 1, 2020.

The new annual salaries are part of the 2020 budget, adopted Monday by the board of trustees.

The board voted to approve the next year’s salaries as follows:

Supervisor Roger Seely, $18,391; Clerk Patrice Rose, $17,776; Treasurer David Vonk, $17,776; and Trustees Melissa Hahn, Ronald Griffin, Edward Meny and Thomas Milnikel, $5,520.

Township Manager Denise Cook said in municipalities where an annual meeting is held, residents of the municipality vote on officials’ salaries. But in municipalities like St. Joseph Township, where no annual meeting is held, the officials vote on their own pay.

Trustees approved a 2020 general operating fund budget showing $1,387,100 in revenue and $1,606,984 in expenditures, for a difference of $219,884. That will bring the general fund balance down from $2,584,119 to $2,364,235. Cook said that still leaves the township with close to 19 months worth of unrestricted funds in reserve.

The public safety fund budget for 2020 shows expected revenues of $1,949,500 and expenditures of $2,242,361, for a difference of $292,861. That will reduce the fund balance from $998,796 to $705,935, which Cook said represents less than four months worth of funds in reserve.

The sewer operating fund is expected to see revenues of $1,350,500 and expenditures of $1,469,685, with the fund balance decreasing from $1,944,739 to $1,825,581.

Budget appropriations were also approved for the fire department, parks improvement, rubbish, building department, police training fund, library services, sewer replacement/improvement, water replacement/improvement, township improvement fund and water operating fund.

Supervisor Seely said budgets are an “educated estimate.”

“The last couple of years we started with (predictions of) less revenue but came in better than we thought we would,” he said.

Cook said St. Joseph Township officials typically budget on the low side for revenue because of uncertainty at the state level.

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