Stevensville dog park planned

Stevensville Treasurer Barbi Hoge, left, and President Steve Slavicek discuss future plans for the Hickory Creek Park on John Beers Road in the village. They are collecting donations for the first phase, which will be to create a dog park. Other phases include a pavilion and kayak launch.

STEVENSVILLE — A portion of Stevensville is going to the dogs. That’s because Hickory Creek Park off of John Beers Road will be fenced in and designated as a dog park, as soon as enough money is raised to fence in the park.

Village Treasurer Barbi Hoge said the idea of a dog park was brought to the village trustees’ attention last fall. She said the village has raised $1,250 toward the $8,000 needed to buy and install the fencing, plus a couple of bag dispensers for dog waste.

People can donate money by going to the Village of Stevensville Facebook page and following the link on GovPayNet. Donations can also be dropped off during regular business hours at the Village Hall, 5768 St. Joseph Ave., Stevensville.

Anyone who donates $25 or more will receive a free “The Ville” T-shirt.

Other plans for the park include putting up a pavilion with bathrooms and a kitchen, and building a kayak ramp.

“We’re pretty excited,” Hoge said. “Hopefully, we can get more attention down there and get more grants and get moving on the next phase.”

The 2.5-acre park has been getting more attention in the past couple of years, with the house and garage in front of the park purchased by the village so the park could be expanded.

Village President Steve Slavicek said the only thing at the park right now is a playground, which was erected in 2006.

The village just updated its Community Parks and Recreation Plan in 2018. Hoge said the plan doesn’t call for a dog park because residents didn’t bring the idea to the village trustees’ attention until after the plan was adopted.

The parks plan can be found at

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