Vaulting to the top

Amber and Chad Williams are owners of Power in Motion Gymnastics, Dance and Cheer in St. Joseph. The business has enjoyed explosive growth in just over a decade’s time.

ST. JOSEPH — Much like gymnastics, running your own business requires balance.

That’s according to Amber and Chad Williams, owners of Power in Motion Gymnastics, Dance and Cheer in Royalton Township.

For nearly 11 years now, the couple have been working to grow their business and a family.

“As a business owner you don’t have very much free time, you have your challenges, but we do have some freedom with that,” Amber said. “When we’re not at the gym we’re spending time with family.”

Their son, Caden, is 5 and their daughter, Riley, is 2. They live in St. Joseph, not too far from where Amber grew up in Stevensville and Chad grew up in Benton Harbor.

Having a gymnastics gym was something they always wanted to do, having grown up as gymnasts.

“It came down to, I was running a competitive program out of another facility and they wanted to get rid of the competitive program there. I was finishing up my associate’s at LMC and I was like, this is my time to either decide to do something myself or go away to school,” Amber said. “At that point it was something I always wanted to do, and the love that I’ve had for this sport and the benefits of this sport, and it was kind of my time to do this.”

The couple rented a two-room warehouse space along M-139 in Royalton Township, before building their, at the time, 12,400-square-foot space right next door.

“This was just open land. We rented for a year, then in November 2009 is when we opened our doors to here,” Amber said.

A 4,000-square-foot expansion took place in 2015, and just last month the Williamses broke ground on a project that will nearly double the size of the building in the back.

“It will add another floor space for adding our All-Star Cheer program in here,” Amber said. “The back side of the building will be more our competitive team, and then this will be more of our recreational and cheer program in the front space.”

“We’re just hoping to continue the growth that we’ve had,” Chad added.

Amber said their mindset has always been: “What can we do better?”

“That’s kind of us. How can we grow some more in these current doors and what can we do for customers to make this a better experience for everyone? Not only the kids, but parents and what more can we provide to the community?” she said.

In addition to running the whole gym and the day-to-day business, Amber and Chad coach the competitive boys and girls gymnastic teams at the gym.

“It’s fun. It really comes down to the moments that I love the most are of ‘I can do it’ when they didn’t think they could,” Amber said. “And just seeing where we first started out from about three kids to now over 50 competitive team athletes. And in the building we have over 1,100 students.”

The gym caters to youth 18 months old and up. It is home to preschool gymnastics classes, recreational gymnastics classes, preschool dance classes, dance classes, conditioning class and an All Star Cheer team. The gym also hosts open gym times and birthday parties.

While the gym, one of the only places offering gymnastics in Southwest Michigan, has seen so much success, Amber and Chad say a lot of people have had a hand in it. 

“We’re only a small picture of the success here,” Amber said. “Obviously with our awesome staff here, that’s a big part of being successful. And we have to give credit where credit is due.”