BARODA — The Baroda Village Council at a special meeting on Monday approved revamped resolutions on Industrial Park road and water projects, and agreed to sell bonds to fund the projects.

Council President Bob Getz said the council voted unanimously to borrow $220,000 to put water lines into the park, and $517,000 to build streets.

“It’s a go,” Getz said after the meeting about the long-awaited project. “It’s been a long process.”

The council created the Industrial Park around 2002, but activity there was sparse. About two years ago, council members decided to make road and water improvements to the park, and interest in buying lots picked up quickly.

Getz said there will be a project pre-construction meeting at 10 a.m. on July 31, which will also be the closing date for the loans. Interest will be 3.5 percent for the street loan, and about 3.25 percent for the water, he continued.

Construction should start in the middle of August, and be completed by the middle of October, Getz said.

Loan resolutions passed by the council earlier this year also included funds for “Streetscape” improvements to part of First Street, but the council then decided to drop that project for now.

Monday’s vote to approve the loans and bond sales was unanimous, Getz said. Trustees Mike Price and Steve Jasper were absent from the meeting, he added.

The council’s next regular meeting will be at 6:30 p.m., Monday, Aug. 5.