Watervliet schools working on new strategic plan

WATERVLIET — The Watervliet school board will seek outside help with the first phase of its upcoming strategic plan.

The board agreed Monday night that it would like someone to help guide the district in the development of the basics, like a vision and mission, then execute the rest of the process itself.

Superintendent Ric Seager reported the board’s goals and strategic planning subcommittee met last week about the higher level goals and timeline of the three-phase process.

He said he’d like to work with the board and community when it comes to the first phase, and that’s why he suggests an outside person to facilitate.

Seager said the committee wants to take this plan to a higher level of thinking than just some basic action plans.

He said part of the first phase is coming up with the district’s mission and vision.

“And to not be trite about it. To really think deeply about why is it we exist and what is it we want to accomplish,” he said. “And vision is what is our ideal state? If we are meeting our mission at the highest level.”

Board member Eric Laws said he liked the idea of thinking outside the box.

“We always think about the goals and the more strategic and operational things, so I’m excited to get to the higher level and get some clarity on exactly what we’re trying to accomplish,” he said.

Seager said he would reach out to some state education leadership organizations to get some proposals and bring them back to the committee.

In other business, the board hired Anna Layer as a high school special education teacher and Amy Seager as a paraprofessional at the W-A-Y program.

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