Watervliet working to improve accounting processes

WATERVLIET — Watervliet is in healthy financial shape, but officials say they are working to keep better track of those finances.

City Manager Tyler Dotson told city commissioners at their workshop meeting Tuesday he’s been working with city staff to put more checks and balances into place when it comes to accounting. 

The discussion by the commission came after Aaron Stevens, with SK&T Public Accountants, presented the results of the city’s annual audit. 

He said the city was given the highest rating possible on the audit and it could operate for six months before it needed to generate more revenue. 

Dotson said the audit showed some of the processes the city was already working to improve, and showed some things they now know they need to do better. 

Among the corrective actions needed was making sure journal entries are made in a timely fashion. 

Dotson said the problem came up when the previous clerk left and there was no one in City Hall trained to do it. 

“We’ve already started training and we’re pointing the ship in the right direction,” he said. “There was a lack of internal processes and policy, and I think we’ll naturally correct that.”

Stevens said the city could contract out some of the city’s accounting work to get more reliable data and up-to-date information. 

Mayor Dave Brinker said city staff will do more monthly reports to make sure all financial reports match. 

Dotson said he is confident the city can address the problems and improve.

“I can’t promise a perfect audit next year, but I can ensure that we’ll make improvements,” he said. 

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