Making a plan for your pet, should you get COVID-19

Berrien County Animal Control and other animal rescue organizations are urging people to have an emergency plan in place for their pets in case the owner contracts COVID-19.

The plan should include designating an emergency caregiver by making prior arraignments with friends or family to care for pets in case of hospitalization. Or, call local veterinarian offices and ask if they can provide boarding if you become sick.

Build a basic survival kit to keep your pet happy and comfortable in case you become ill.

The kit should include at least a three-day supply of food and water; medicines and medical records; important documents such as adoption papers or vaccination records; a first-aid kit that contains bandages, scissors, antibiotic ointment, flea and tick prevention, latex gloves, alcohol and saline solution; collar or harness with ID tag and leash; a safe and sturdy crate or carrier; familiar items for your pet such as treats, toys and bedding; pet litter and litter box, paper towels, plastic bags and household chlorine bleach; and a picture of you and your pet together to help document ownership in case of separation.