25 years ago – 1995

Berrien County officials want to move some offices and combine operations in others to squeeze more space out of the overcrowded Courthouse in St. Joseph.

But the proposed revamp is viewed as a temporary solution to the Courthouse’s space problems. Eventually the county will have to build a separate administration building, officials said, probably in the parking lot across Port Street from the sheriff’s department.

Three solid floors of courts have gradually taken over space in the county-owned building until nearly all other county offices are on a single level of the four-floor building.

35 years ago – 1985

Paul Harvey, owner of two McDonald’s restaurants in the Twin Cities, presented McDonald’s plaque for outstanding performance to Mike Hager, 15, an employee credited with reviving a customer who suffered a heart attack March 2 in the restaurant at 1681 M-139, Benton Township. Mike, a Benton Harbor High School junior, said he learned cardiopulmonary resuscitation as part of gym class. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Morgan Hager.

50 years ago – 1970

Clark Equipment Co. won the Sweepstakes award in Saturday’s southwestern Michigan’s Grand Floral Parade. The float, which pictured the founding of the United Nations, featured a globe through which live doves of peace were released along the parade route. Some of the doves preferred to perch on the float instead of exploring their newly acquired freedom.