BENTON TOWNSHIP — Berrien County saw a decrease in the number of new COVID-19 cases this past week after seeing an uptick for most of July.

The county gained 64 new COVID-19 cases from Friday to Friday, compared to 120 new cases the week before and 93 new cases the week before that.

The number of active cases decreased as well, with 115 recoveries and one death being reported in the last week as well.

There are now about 89 active cases, down from about 141 last Friday.

In total, the county has recorded 1,093 confirmed COVID-19 cases, 940 recoveries and 64 deaths.

The county is at 240 presumed positive cases, a number that has been about the same for two months now. These are mostly cases from early on in the pandemic when people weren’t getting tested, isolating at home and recovering.

Spectrum Health Lakeland was treating 13 COVID-19 patients as of Friday morning, the same number as on Thursday and down one from last Friday.

At the end of June, the percent of tests coming back as positive for COVID-19 was just under 2 percent. In July it rose to 4.7 percent last week, and is now back down to 3.7 percent as of Tuesday.

The Berrien County Health Department (BCHD) reported on its Facebook page Friday that about 25 percent of the newly diagnosed COVID-19 patients are asymptomatic. It is much more rare for someone without symptoms to spread COVID-19 to their close contacts, according to the health department.

Van Buren/Cass

Van Buren and Cass counties gained about the same number of new cases over the last week as it did the week before.

Van Buren County gained 55 new cases and Cass County gained 35. The week before, Van Buren gained 46 new cases and Cass gained 34.

The Van Buren Cass District Health Department released its weekly number of recovered individuals Friday.

There are now 208 people recovered in Van Buren County and 150 people recovered in Cass County.

That’s an addition of 16 recoveries in Van Buren County and 25 recoveries in Cass County over the last week.

Each county gained one new COVID-19 death this week.

There are now about 140 active cases in Van Buren County, up from 102 last Friday.

Cass County has about 107 active cases, up from 97 last Friday.

Van Buren County had about 3.8 percent of its tests coming back positive as of Tuesday. Last week the county was at 4.1 percent.

Cass County saw a rise over the week, with now 5.6 percent of its tests coming back positive. Last week the county was at 5.1 percent.

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