The following fruit prices were recorded on the Chicago Terminal Market on Wednesday. Prices are not net to the growers as freight and selling fees have not been deducted. These prices were provided by the USDA Market News Branch office in Chicago.

APPLES: Cartons tray pack of Washington Extra Fancy 72s Red Delicious sold steady from mostly $26.50-28, Golden Delicious sold from $26-28, Fuji brought $32-34, Pink Lady sold for $35, Gala sold for $34 while fine appearance offerings sold for $39-40, and 72 size Honeycrisp sold for $58. Cartons of 12 3-pound film bags of Washington WA Extra Fancy 2 1/2-inch minimum Red Delicious sold for $23-24, while Golden Delicious sold for $26-27, and Gala brought $25-26, while bushel cartons of 3-inch up Michigan Gala, Golden Delicious and Jonagold sold for $20.