DETROIT (AP) — A man accused of three Detroit homicides killed himself Wednesday after a 30-hour standoff with police, authorities said.

Police approached the front porch after the man stopped communicating and then “we heard a pop,” said David LeValley, assistant chief.

“There was no movement,” he said.

Thomas Curry, 38, was a suspect in the June deaths of three men who were found in a burning home. He dashed home early Tuesday after police tried to stop him for a traffic violation in Redford Township.

"In our mind, he’s definitely the right guy,” LeValley said. “That’s why the prosecutor’s office issued the warrant.”

Curry had another man and a woman inside the home. One was released Tuesday while the other escaped Wednesday.

"He realizes he’s potentially facing very serious charges,” police Chief James Craig said during the standoff Tuesday. “This might be his last time of freedom.”

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