Coronavirus Outbreak

The number of people hospitalized with COVID-19 at Spectrum Health Lakeland doubled in a day’s time, from three cases to six as of Wednesday morning.

While the number may still seem small, it is reflective of the new growth in COVID-19 cases Berrien County is experiencing.

Spectrum Health Lakeland hasn’t seen as many as six COVID-19 patients in the hospital at one time since early June, according to hospital census data reported on the Berrien County Health Department’s COVID-19 data dashboard.

The hospital has twice peaked: it reached 27 COVID-19 patients on April 8 and 26 COVID-19 patients on May 20. Hospital officials have said they have the capacity to treat at least double that.

The BCHD reported Wednesday that another 11 people tested positive for COVID-19, bringing the cumulative confirmed case total to 790.

In addition, seven more people have recovered from the virus, bringing that total to 659. The county still has 60 recorded deaths.

With deaths and recoveries, the county is at about 71 active cases, four more than on Tuesday and 23 more than last Wednesday.

Berrien County has about 3.4 percent of its COVID-19 tests coming back positive, as of Sunday.

Van Buren County has not even 1 percent of its tests coming back positive, and Cass County has about 4.3 percent of its tests coming back positive.

The statewide average for tests coming back positive is 3.1 percent.

Cass County gained an additional five COVID-19 cases Wednesday, bringing its cumulative case total to 159. The county has gained 25 new cases since last Wednesday.

Van Buren County has gained 24 new cases since last Wednesday.

The county added 10 cases this Wednesday, bringing its cumulative case total to 229.

The two counties did not record any new deaths on Wednesday.

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