1995 – 25 years ago

The Oronoko Township Board on Tuesday night got its first look at the new fire truck that will be in service Thursday. The 2,285-gallon pumper truck, which cost $89,000, replaces a 4,000-gallon 1971 truck with a diesel engine. Cost will be shared by the village of Berrien Springs and Oronoko Township. “The smaller truck will be much more efficient and able to turn into driveways better,” Fire Chief Bruce Stover said. “It will also get there faster and be safer to drive.”

1985 – 35 years ago

Buchanan’s smelly skunk invasion is getting “national attention,” and the city may be getting the foul end of the deal in the process, according to City Manager Clyde Remmo. Last week, the commission authorized the purchase of five skunk traps, which are being loaned to homeowners. But the city is not killing the animals. Dead or alive, the city will haul the animals away once they have been trapped.

1970 – 50 years ago

A caravan of vehicles powered by liquified-petroleum gas will rally in Benton Harbor tomorrow as part of a statewide demonstration against air pollution from exhaust emissions. About nine cars and trucks are expected at the city boat landing on Riverview Drive at 8 a.m. for the start of a trip to Lansing to demonstrate how LP gas-powered vehicles reduce pollution as compared to cars burning conventional leaded gasoline. Local arrangements are being handled by Don Woodward of Pyrane Gas Service of Benton Harbor and Earl Carlson Cities Service Oil in Hartford.