Well, here we are into March of another election year. Is it just me, or does it seem like politicians running for office is never ending? We used to get a year off between the presidential election cycle and the off-year elections, but now it’s never ending. As the founder, president and CEO of the Confederacy United Against Balderdash and BS, I feel it’s appropriate to weigh in with some random observations on the vacuous flatulence that passes for meaningful political discourse in our culture.

Now, I know we wouldn’t wish ill-health or discomfort on anyone, but don’t you feel just a tad gleeful when a politician gets a case of laryngitis? It’s so much harder to speak out of both sides of their mouth when that happens. Some might call it poetic justice. There is a benefit, though, to being a defeated candidate. You don’t have to try and justify why you didn’t keep your campaign promises.

Ron Weber is a multi-award winning poet and writer who lives in Stevensville.