I think we owe Donald Trump an apology. I am one among many who have frequently referred to him as dishonest, stupid, amoral, incompetent, unbalanced, etc. It turns out he is none of these things. He is simply "cognitively incapable" of separating fact from fiction. The poor slob can't even count. He thinks Trump Tower in New York is 10 stories higher than it actually is, millions were at his inaugural when in reality there were only a few thousand, the construction of his useless border wall is many miles longer than it is, and he's completely baffled by the COVID-19 numbers. It's not Trump we should be afraid of, it's the abettors around him who are manipulating him like a sock puppet. Bannon, McConnell, Barr, Murdoch and Putin are among his puppet masters, and they are smart, ruthless and as evil as they come. The sophistication and reach of their propaganda machinery puts Hitler to shame.