Let me tell you a story. I was driving along on Interstate 94 the other day when flashing colored lights appeared in my mirror. The kind gentleman(?) who approached my car asked if I knew why he stopped me. My answer, of course was, I have no idea.

“Well, you were speeding.”

“Do you have any proof of that? Do you have me on radar?”

He replied, “No, but I estimated you were going too fast.”

“Without proof, why did you stop me?”

“Well that was not the only reason I stopped you,” said the “kind gentleman.” “You failed to fully stop at the stop sign ten miles back.”

“How do you know I did not fully stop at that stop sign?”

“Your friends told me,” he replied.

“But if you have no physical proof, why did you stop me?”

“Well, that is not the only reason I stopped you,” he said.

So I asked the obvious. “What other reason do you have for stopping me?”

“I think you also had the idea to warn other motorist about me, thereby obstructing my ability to do my job,” he replied.

“But how can you know my intentions?” I asked.

“It was simple,” he replied. “I read your bumper sticker and I knew you were not fit to be a driver on the road.”

I asked if he was talking about the sticker that read MRGA.

“Yes,” he responded. “Make Roads Great again. Obviously you think our roads were once great. Don’t you realize that those roads were built by people making less than a living wage? Immigrants simply trying to have a better life and only doing the dirty jobs Americans will not do? Our roads were never great. How can we make something great again when they were never great? 

“There is another reason why I stopped you,” said the “kind gentleman.” “You are not a legitimate driver.”

“Why not?” I asked.

“You do not have the proper credentials,” was the answer.

“But,” I replied, “I have a valid driver license, proof of insurance and proper registration. Why am I not a legitimate driver?

Here is the shocking answer. “Two reasons,” he said. “One, you are from the wrong state. The second reason is you never passed the good ol’ driver test. You are an outsider. Only good ol’ drivers should be allowed to drive.”

By now you have probably figured out that this story is fake. That means you are pretty smart. So if it is so easy for the common person to spot a fake story, why is it so hard for so many liberals to spot a fake story that is so similar to this one? We have just changed the characters. Perhaps getting elected gives you an office, but not necessarily common sense. They should be able to see through these “Trumped up” accusations. 

In so many instances, politicians are more interested in personal recognition, gain and power than they are in doing their proper job. They were not elected to be the personal representative of special interest and money. Their oath was not to uphold the credibility of their donors, but to uphold the Constitution of the United States. We do still have one. It is not a “living” document in the sense that it should be changed to fit current culture. Rather it is a document that gives life to society. It is the second most important document in the history of the world – the first being the Bible.

If America ever sheds itself of either of these documents, we will fail. Society cannot stand on one leg. It needs both the Word of God and the Constitution. Following the principles of these two documents will make any society great.

Ignoring either will lead to confusion, chaos, disharmony and eventually failure. America is great, has been great, and by the grace of God and the willingness of the citizens, it will remain great.

Billy P. Long of Benton Harbor has resided in the area since 1972. He is pastor of the Apostolic Tabernacle in Benton Township.