Merry Christmas! Bah, humbug. Regardless of how you feel, it is Christmas. Everyone has received so much because of the reason for the season. The birth of Christ ushered in a whole new outlook on life. Each of us has the opportunity to receive the gift of God’s spirit in our life. He gave to us, so we need to give as well. We should give not only to God, but to our fellow man.

With that in mind, I ask what is more important: gifts that will be broken or cast aside in a short time or something that will last a lifetime? Parents, I know you are going to do your best to give your children at least one thing that they really want. May I suggest that you give them the one thing they really need and will last a lifetime? The most important thing you can give your children is not money, designer clothes or flashy jewelry. The most important thing will cost you much more than any of those, but is already available for you to give. Your children need the gift of a father and mother who love each other and live their life committed to the well being of their family.