Sen. Kim LaSata has had her share of front-page news lately, most recently in response to her Michigan Senate testimony regarding late-term abortion, including her own painful experience of a failed therapeutic abortion for a fetus with serious medical issues, then, in her words, “letting God” take over.

Her testimony was aimed at supporting a bill to place further limitations on the right to late-term abortion in our state. While I fully relate to the agony she endured in ultimately giving birth to a lifeless baby and agree that oftentimes we need to let go of attempting to control outcomes, I question the idea that taking a damaged fetus to term is always within the will of God or best medical practice. I do respect that Sen. LaSata honored her own experience in her testimony. I am less likely to respect a group of governing males who decide they know what is best for a pregnant woman facing a dilemma for which she sees no life-giving solution.