What has happened to the ability of supposedly educated people to read and understand what they read? It seems as if too many politicians and reporters – I did not call them news people – will keep putting forth things that are never said no matter what is said.

The Ukranian phone call transcripts have been released and anyone can read them. Yet in most newscast and newspaper stories, we keep hearing the supposed quid pro quo accusation. They cannot only not read, they cannot see nor hear. What Mr. Biden said about you have six hours to do what I want or we will withhold your money is not a big story from the mainstream media.

So a judge says there is nothing in the Constitution that says there must be a formal vote on impeachment. He too must not be able to read. It says Congress has the right to impeach. Not one committee, not one party, but the entire Congress. How can you know if the majority wants to impeach if you do not take a vote? How can they know how to vote if they are not allowed to hear both sides of the story?

You say that the attorney general and the prosecutor hired to gather evidence about abuse of power and falsification of documents are just political hacks hired by the president. Yet you say we must accept dossiers and actions of the other political party without question. Why was the investigation into the president and his aides not called a political hit job by the mainstream press?

Why was there such a hue and cry over where the G7 summit was to be held because it would supposedly benefit the president, when there was no questioning how Presidents Clinton and Obama entered the presidency as modest upper middle class and left able to buy million dollar homes in affluent neighborhoods? Did they do things in office from which they benefited after leaving the White House?

Why is it not wrong for Elizabeth Warren to tell Israel that if she becomes president, they must stop building homes in certain areas or she will withhold financial and military aid? That is not personal, you say. That is simply the prerogative of a president. What President Trump asked for was not personal. He wanted to find out if the accusations of the Democrats were true; did the Ukrainians interfere in our elections?

We hear so much about the unlawful acts and lies of the president. When asked what they are, they answer that they have a list a mile long. Yet we never hear the list. They trot out things from way before he was president or things that are normal in the political realm. Things like you can keep your doctor and your plan. The average family will save $2,500 a year. Or “I did not have sex with that woman, Miss Lewinski.” You know little things that were not true, but no big deal. 

We hear that it is a right for every American to have a free college education. Every American has a right to free health care. Every American has a right to a guaranteed income. What they are really doing is guaranteeing every American to be in debt for generations to come. They are giving every American the right to give up their God-given and constitutional rights for rights given to them by politicians. I ask you who would you trust the most, God and the Constitution or politicians?

Our Constitution has proven to be the best man-written document in the history of the world. The word of God has proven to be the best written document in the history of the world. Politicians have proven to be the most fickle human documents in the history of the world. Which system are you willing to be the arbiter of your life?

Billy P. Long of Benton Harbor has resided in the area since 1972. He is pastor of the Apostolic Tabernacle in Benton Township.