One of the most difficult things a nation must do after a war is learn to govern in peacetime. After the American Revolution there was almost no America. They were so focused and united on fighting the war that they had no time to plan for peace. When peace came they lost their focus and began to each strive for their own ideas and agendas. Power became the main focus. Who was going to wield the reins of government? Who was going to be in control after the war was over?

The problem deeply divided the country. It took a strong man who was not afraid to make decisions and be criticized for those decisions. George Washington and others forged a nation in the midst of peace. You would have thought that the hard part was the war, and that part was hard. But it gave each person with differing views a common foe. After that foe was defeated, each faction felt that it was OK to promote their own plan without regard to other ideas or values. They were united to fight, but divided in peace.

Billy P. Long of Benton Harbor has resided in the area since 1972. He is pastor of the Apostolic Tabernacle in Benton Township.