Watching David Attenborough’s incredible 2019 series, “Our Planet,” has reawakened my temporarily dormant environmental conscience. I feel like I have been neglecting it recently. But now I find an opening in my middle-of-the-night obsession agenda and can once more worry about our environment. And I’m good at it.

Not that I’m not willing to take action or make changes. I am. I will certainly support political causes like the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act ( I’m willing to research and even give money, though I worry my paltry contributions won’t make much difference. And I can give up unnecessary things that harm the environment. I certainly won’t buy bottled water or release balloons. I recycle faithfully, and I am definitely going to look into what really gets used and what doesn’t. I’ll find substitutions for plastic. Though I worry about how much good one person’s boycott really does. Maybe we need to ban some things. Eight states have banned single-use plastic bags, after all. We don’t need all those disposable bags. We did without them for thousands of years. It’s not like we’re talking about outlawing Ziploc bags.

Pen Campbell lives in Benton Harbor.