Court coverage shouldn’t have been front-page news


Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Sept. 11, 12, 13. Front-page headlines, three days running. The biggest story in the twin cities. The Tommy Richards murder/rape case being re-reviewed due to changes in the laws regarding felony sentencing of juveniles.

It’s doubtful that this is newsworthy at all, but if so, it should have been a back-page paragraph. Instead, a three-decades-old case was sensationalized by reporting all the gruesome and sexually explicit details – details that should have been confined to the families involved, the attorneys and judge reviewing the case.

This article served no valuable purpose to anyone. If I want that kind of “journalism,” I’ll turn on the bobbleheaded nitwits on cable news or buy a grocery store tabloid. I’d like to encourage my young grandchildren to read the papers ... Now I’m not so sure.

Jim Hoss


Trump’s attacks on the Constitution must end


One consistent theme in Donald Trump’s presidential campaign was building a wall at the southern border. At numerous rallies, Trump assured his supporters that Mexico would pay for the construction. Once elected, it soon became evident that, despite any pressure the president could muster against our southern neighbor, they were not going to foot the bill.

It followed that the only means of financing the project was through U.S. tax dollars. For the first two years of his administration, Trump had the benefit of Republican majorities in both houses of Congress. But even with that working advantage, he could not get it done. After the 2018 election and loss of his majority in the House of Representatives, wall financing faced a stiffer challenge since a Democratic majority in that body clearly recognized the folly of such a waste of resources.

Trump is now trying to go around Congress by deferring $3.6 billion from 127 appropriated defense projects. Among them are 50 in the United States, including new schools and child development centers, hazardous material storage warehouses and maintenance facilities.

These deferrals are designed to help Donald Trump fulfill a failing, ill-proposed campaign promise and help our narcissistic president get re-elected. Trump does not seem to care that the deferrals are attacks on kids, the environment and our country’s sate of military readiness! In his eyes, the only thing that matters is his ego and his re-election campaign.

Congress must step up and stop this end run around the Constitution. Please call Rep. Fred Upton and urge him to support strong challenges to this president’s rewrite of legislative protocol.

Donald Holmes


Church chimes in SJ are a daily highlight


I recently moved to St. Joseph and am enjoying the beauty here of the lake, the boats, flowers and walking trails, among other things. But what touches me the most are the hymns played by the chimes so beautifully every day at noon, reminding us of God’s love for us and giving us hope for the future! Two of my favorite hymns were, “There’s a Wideness in God’s Mercy,” and “Holy Spirit Light Divine.”

M. Ruth Walker

St. Joseph