Impeachment is right response to power abuses


The founders of our nation created a Constitution that gave to Congress the authority to impeach and remove from office any president who abuses the powers of the office.

Alexander Hamilton was a major architect of our Constitution. In a recent essay, Ron Chernow, author of the definitive biography of Alexander Hamilton, wrote: “There seems little doubt, given his writings on the presidency, that Hamilton would have been aghast at Trump’s behavior and appalled by his invitation to foreign actors to meddle in our elections. As a result, he would most certainly have endorsed the current impeachment inquiry. It’s not an exaggeration to say that Trump embodies Hamilton’s worst fears about the kind of person who might someday head the government.”

Donald Trump is perfectly willing to abuse the powers of his office for his own personal benefit.

He repeatedly lies. He undermines the free press. He violates the Constitution by accepting “emoluments” (bribes) from leaders of foreign governments who spend enormous amounts of money staying at his hotels. He invites Russia to interfere in our elections on his behalf. He creates an elaborate extortion scheme to pressure the government of Ukraine to help him in his 2020 re-election campaign by withholding congressionally appropriated, and much needed, military aid from that country until its leaders agree to announce an investigation of his main political rival.

Trump’s behavior is appalling and it is dangerous. Interference in our elections by foreign nations is a threat to our democracy. Undermining the free press is an act of tyrants.

Congressional Republicans have so far refused to support the impeachment investigation of Trump’s abuses of power. They are clearly putting their party above our country. Hopefully they will change their positions as more and more evidence of Trump’s abuses are shared with their constituents.

If they do not change their positions we the people can, and should, remove them from office.

Larry Feldman