If Trump can extort, will it be OK for President AOC?


The president and his mob have already said that he extorted a foreign government for his own personal gain. Now the only question is, will the Republican caucus concur when President Alexandria Ocasio Cortez follows the precedent being set by Congressman Upton, et al.?

James Brack

South Haven

Impeachment: Everything is at stake here


The ability of Donald Trump to lie is legendary. He lies publicly many times a day, as documented by many. He keeps saying his phone call with the Ukrainian president was “perfect” over and over, despite his aids testifying they had major problems with it. It was even so bad that they moved the transcript to a top secret server.

Closely related to lying is cheating, of which Donald Trump is also a serial offender. He has cheated on all of his wives, which used to be not very excusable. He cheats on paying people who work for him. He defrauded (cheated out of) his students at Trump University. He had his “philanthropic” foundation pay for a portrait of him for one of his hotels. He doesn’t pay his bills – just look at what he owes to localities that host his campaign rallies. He and his surrogates did attempt to, and probably did, cheat in the 2016 election.

While Robert Mueller didn’t find enough evidence to indict for conspiracy, he did find enough evidence for obstruction of justice. The latest offense is apparently cheating in the upcoming 2020 election. We have a summary transcript of a phone call, with before and after testimony by witnesses of good standing demonstrating that he wanted a foreign leader to investigate his potential adversary in 2020 in exchange for freeing up vital military aid. The Republicans are coming around to admitting a “quid pro quo,” but dubiously claiming that it is not impeachable.

This would be funny if they weren’t serious. This is extortion – “the practice of obtaining something, especially money (or political dirt), through force or threats (withholding military aid to a country under attack).” That “something” is political dirt meant to undermine (cheat on) a free and fair election. If this is not a “high crime and misdemeanor,” then our Constitution and democratic system are meaningless. We are just a banana republic.

Jonathan Towne