Trump’s fake emergency is an embarrassment


The announcement by Trump of the national emergency at the southern border and his follow-up news conference was just another fairytale chapter in his presidency. His anti-fact generator was in high gear as he spun a spongy foundation of lies to support his imagined crisis in order to thwart the will of Congress to finance his “beautiful wall.”

Fact checkers quickly dispatched his most salient arguments for this crisis. Illegal border crossings outside points of entry have fallen precipitously since 2000. Most illegal drugs entering via the southern border are smuggled through official entry points as contraband hidden in legal shipments. The number of illegal immigrants living in the U.S. has fallen over the past decade.

The bi-partisan measure negotiated to avert another government shutdown contained solid appropriations aimed at boosting true effectiveness of border security, but it did not include money for Trump’s wall. Hence his attempted end-run of Congress using a manufactured crisis to get money to fulfill a failing campaign promise of a border wall financed by Mexico.

The turmoil caused by the shutdown and this president’s twisted interpretation of the Constitution is appalling. Fortunately, control of the House of Representatives was stripped from the Republicans in the last election and means of controlling the actions of this rogue president are now in place.

Watching the president during the news conference was an absolute embarrassment. It reminded me of a sixth-grader presenting an oral report on a book he has not read.

Ed Shaffer