Marijuana issue settled; get over it, conservatives


The recent article, titled “Voters to decide marijuana issue in South Haven,” suggests, at least through the title, that the issue has not already been decided. In fact, voters in Michigan have already approved the use marijuana for medicinal and recreational consumption in separate referendums that were both a decade apart, in spite of the issuance of local ordinances or business permits.

As with most social conservative failures in both legislation and at the ballot box, local municipalities find it necessary to respond with knee-jerk reactions to the will of a free people voting to behave freely.

Whether it is denying permits to medicinal and recreational marijuana dispensaries or opting to not issue marriage permits at all after the legalization of same sex marriage, social conservatives will always find a way to “have the last word,” however ineffectual and/or irrelevant.

Our municipalities can deny permits to businesses all they want and they can bicker about the hypothetical of a gay wedding cake. Nevertheless, it will still be legal to smoke marijuana, marry someone of the same sex and conduct yourself otherwise freely in the state of Michigan, per the will of the voters of Michigan. What won’t change is the abject failure of the so-called social conservative movement, a child’s idea of paint-by-numbers morality.

James Tyler