Same old hateful script at every Trump rally


Watch this President at his rallies. He finds a foil: Hillary, liberals, Mueller, GOP members who have crossed him. His latest, the four Democratic women of color.

He starts off making fun of his chosen target. The crowd smiles and laughs.

Then he starts speaking of his scapegoat as evil. He stokes the outrage. His crowd gets excited. They start chanting. “Lock her up!” “Fake news!” “Send her back!”

Trump has the eerie stance and expression of Bernardo Mussolini as his crowd shouts in chorus. Reporters are hissed at and some have been attacked. The crowd hatred is palpable. Yet he and his followers charge the chosen foil as the purveyor of hatred.

Don’t ask us why we have no respect for this president. It should be apparent to all.

Cristine Timmons and Charles Cozzolino

Benton Harbor

Research backs assertion made about diabetes


Would someone please tell Dave Wolf (“Make no mistake, there is no reversing diabetes,” Letters, Wednesday) that I never claimed that ALL people with diabetes can have their diseases reversed through veganism. What I clearly said in my letter was: “In SOME cases, it has even reversed diabetes.” The NIH funded an experiment in 2003 with The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. Thousands of people with type 2 diabetes participated and some of those participants did, indeed, have their diabetes reversed.

I am perfectly aware that type 1 diabetes cannot be reversed. I do know the differences in all the types of diabetes, as I formerly worked in the education department at a local hospital which conducted classes that covered some of the kinds of diabetes that exist. I also took this class. Furthermore, I have done research on all the types of diabetes known to humankind. However, I most certainly never claimed to be an expert.

This is the second time I have been contacted by people misquoting me (either swearing at me or using sarcasm). If someone disagrees with me on what I have written that is fine, but I would appreciate it if your readers would carefully read my letter to be certain they are responding to what I actually said before writing their own letters. Thank you.

Jacqueline Schmidt