Trump needs Upton’s message on respect


I teach second grade at a local school. I work constantly with my students, as well as with my own children, on the ideas of cooperation and respect.

I read with interest Fred Upton’s opinion in the Detroit Free Press. I agree with him that we need to be open to viewpoints that are different from our own.

I’m very concerned and saddened by the steady stream of disrespect that we are seeing from our current president. Rep. Upton wrote, “Threatening people, bullying people and treating them with disrespect are contributing to division in this country.” Yes, he is right.

I think many people are wondering, in light of the new revelations of corruption that are gathering against Mr. Trump, at what point Rep. Upton is going to speak out against Mr. Trump and his mean-spirited ways. I believe that with a more respectful, less vitriolic national role model, we have more hope for a more cooperative, respectful political climate.

Perry Heppler

St. Joseph

Bravo for another great SMSO performance


Words cannot express the admiration for Dr. Larry Shanker’s musical expertise on the piano and for his compositions. He was the guest soloist at Sunday’s Southwest Michigan Symphony Orchestra’s program at the Howard Performing Arts Center in Berrien Springs, and the orchestra, led by Maestro Robin Fountain, was excellent as usual.

We who reside in this area should never miss the programs this orchestra offers to the community. They are all outstanding!

Dorothy Trachte

St. Joseph