The ‘Billy Graham rule’ makes a lot of sense


Regarding the guest editorial on July 21 from the Los Angeles Times, “Billy Graham rule is sexist, not noble” – I disagree. 

I think that it is appropriate for persons to choose not to be alone with a relative stranger, without risking being labeled and called names.

The politician asked the female journalist to bring a male colleague. He didn’t say that the male had to be the author of anything she reported. This is similar to me, a female, asking a male doctor to bring in a female colleague (could be a secretary/nurse/lab tech) of his choosing while he examines me. How is this different from a journalist who wants to examine a politician? He asked her to bring a male of her choosing and, for this, he was called a name. Labeled and dismissed.

We should all have the right to ask for a third party to be present without condemnation.

I really hope that more journalists would think twice before calling names.

Kathy Nelson


Upton deserves credit for calling out Trump


I am proud of our congressman, Fred Upton, for standing up for what is right and condemning President Trump’s racist comments about four elected representatives. Frankly, I am disappointed that only three other Republicans had the same sense of right versus wrong and the same guts that Rep. Upton displayed.

As a white American of European descent, I have never experienced being targeted by racists and told to “go back” anywhere. I first witnessed such racism when I was in high school. A black family moved to our block in Niles, thus integrating the neighborhood. The boy who moved in was a classmate and friend of mine. Shortly after they moved in, during the night, some neighbors painted “GO BACK” and the n-word on their garage door. The new family did not go back, and I was proud of my mother and other neighbor ladies who welcomed the family to our block.

What about you, Herald-Palladium editors? Are you willing to state in an editorial, that, like our congressman, you also condemn our president’s racist language? State Sen. LaSata and Rep. Paquette, can you answer that question at your next coffee chats? A simple “yes” or “no,” just as Mr. Upton had to come forth and say it, is all that’s needed. No equivocating, no long explanation, just a simple yes or no answer. If no one else will ask, I’ll come and have a cup and I will ask it.

John Jarpe