Trump’s Cult 45


The first thing a cult does is claim everyone else is lying to you. It never ceases to amaze me how much supporters of Trump think he is a god.

Forget the fact that every aspect of his campaign and administration is under investigation for conspiracy, obstruction of justice and numerous ethical violations. Claiming that the DOJ, FBI, etc., (mostly Republicans) and anyone who speaks out against Trump are out to get him, calling it a witch hunt, no matter how many people go to jail or are indicted. It doesn’t take an overpriced pair of hearing aids no one can afford to hear how stupid they sound. In fact one local Trump supporter, who, like Trump, claims Democrats hate America, have no political knowledge, they still claim Hillary colluded with Russia, want open borders, support illegals and cartels and gangs, like MS 13. All the same information spread by Trump supporters on FOX, or as it should be spelled FAUX.

Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels once said, “accuse the other side, that which you are guilty,” Republicans say, good idea.

Now we are learning that Trump ordered Rosenstein and Sessions to write a memo defending his firing of Comey, pure obstruction of justice. Don’t bother telling Trumpsters; they’ll say it’s a lie. Forget the fact Trump and almost everyone in his orbit have been caught lying about Russia or Trump’s illegal dealings; they don’t care if he takes Putin’s side, or the Saudis’ side, on everything, going against the U.N. and all our intelligence agencies. Could you imagine if Obama would have said, “I talked to bin Laden, he strongly said he didn’t do it.”

Here’s a list of people currently doing all they can to discredit, undermine, and weaken the DOJ and the FBI: domestic terrorists, foreign terrorists, organized crime groups, cyber criminals, Putin and Russia, Trump and the Republican Party. In Trump’s latest State of the Union address, he touted the great economy (Thanks, Obama) and tax cuts (for the rich) as some of his record-breaking accomplishments. I wonder what all the Trumpsters are spending the extra $4,000 a year they got? LOL.

If things are so great, why are so many people (myself included) living paycheck to paycheck with no savings and growing credit card debt, not seeing a dime from the tax cuts supposedly for the middle class. Why is my 401(k) tanking like a rock in a swimming pool? I haven’t lost this much since Bush and the reapers brought this country to its knees.

Trump should spend less time golfing, holding ego rallies and travelling to his properties and more time doing the job he claimed he would be so good at. So far his presidency is like a garbage fire – although there is some good, most of it stinks.

Tim Pullins