Time to get real about reality TV 


The common misnomer “reality TV” has become more than grammatically wrong, it has brought our country at the least two potential nightmares.

Television is produced to first entertain, and therefore grab advertising dollars. Recently a television “celebrity” opined that her child’s autism was certainly caused by a vaccination. Regardless of scientific data and more than 30 years of experience showing the efficacy and safety of vaccination, a few of our science deniers choose to believe the television face over the sane choice. Now several people are near death and more on their way to hospitals to deal with measles – a virus breathed an hour or two following a carrier, once nearly eradicated by vaccines.

Another TV show scrubbed the image of a failed but flamboyant “child of privilege” and boosted our other even more worrisome virus. Now it is our democracy that is being attacked from within. Symptoms include lack of empathy, usually seen in the eyes even when viewing caged children, or black mothers crying for slain sons, or Muslims shot at prayer. We have seen these children looking through fences before. They are from holocaust victims in Germany’s nightmare, they should not be in our present. We need our Congress to do its job and find the depth of Russian infection of our democracy. The removal of tainted people may include congressmen, so this is sort of a self-examination.

The point is television celebrities are not real. They are manufactured to grab our attention. This is not a conservative or liberal or Democratic or Republican issue – it is an American issue. Think for yourself and look at what is happening around you and you will see reality; it is both more beautiful and a little scarier than television. But it is not “fake news,” it is reality.

Bill Sullivan

St. Joseph