Abortion and Catholicism do not mix


New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s latest announcement is that abortions will be available to all women no matter what stage of the pregnancy. Should the baby be born alive, no measures will be taken to sustain its life.

Mr. Cuomo is a practicing Catholic. Somehow this act is reminiscent of the movie “The Godfather.” In this film Michael Corleone is shown at the church attending the baptism of his niece during which the Lord’s Prayer was being recited. Scenes of murders that were ordered by Michael were shown during this rite. There was seemingly no correlation between a relationship with God and the murder of his enemies.

Is this analogous to Gov. Cuomo’s career? Don’t let what God ordained – the preservation of life – interfere with his political career? Could there be a correlation between the increased infant/child abuse and brutality and lack of value of a fetus?

I am shocked and saddened by this edict, especially coming from my home state. What’s next? Will worthiness of life be decided by age or ability to contribute to society? Perhaps one of these babies being aborted would have been the next Einstein or scientist who would find the cure to the incurable. We have no right to play God as to who lives and who dies. That’s God’s business!

Exodus 12:13: “Thou shall not commit murder.”

Anita Schultz

St. Joseph