Goos has more than earned re-election


So many people have been caught in the current and ongoing national conflicting news of our government that we pay little attention to our local needs. This is a beautiful city, and as a citizen of our community, I feel that our voice can make a difference. I have been part of this town for more than 30 years as an active and involved resident. I am impressed with our young and creative women and men who have stepped forward with their energy and creativity for ideas and plans as we enter a world we may not recognize.

Therefore, it has been with a sense of excitement and trust that I encourage you to re-elect Laura Goos to the St. Joseph City Commission. She has fought for and received increased library funding, co-sponsored the St. Joseph sustainability committee, and since she won the Michigan Green Communities Bronze level medal award, has voted for funding for improvements to our water and sewer systems, as well as more than eight miles of road improvements in 2018-19.

She also spearheaded the non-discrimination ordinance, the first of it’s kind in the area, (earning the city commission) the Ally of the year award from the OutCenter.

With these accomplishments I ask you to vote for Laura Goos on Nov. 5. Thank you.

Gloria Weberg

St. Joseph

Whitmer playing politics with state budget


Sen. Mike Shirkey and House Speaker Lee Chatfield worked across the aisle to pass a bipartisan budget that keeps Michigan’s comeback going strong.

While they were busy working with their Democratic colleagues, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer walked away from the negotiations and sat in her office for three weeks, refusing to come back to the table. And why did she walk away? Because she didn’t like the fact that Republicans were putting a record $375 million for road repairs.

Gov. Whitmer’s campaign slogan was to “Fix the d--- roads!” How does she plan on doing that when she vetoed $375 million for road repairs? It seems to me that Whitmer wants it her way, a 45-cent gas tax, or a busted highway. That is not leadership.

Michigan drivers are tired of paying for new tires, realignments and axles. And they are tired of politics as usual in Lansing.

Gov. Whitmer, fix the d--- budget!

David Yardley

St. Joseph 

Keep pets safe from Halloween mischief


During the Halloween season, including the week before, week of and week after, please keep all pets, especially cats, indoors and only allow outside under direct supervision.

Not everyone celebrates Halloween humanely.

Thank you.

Dr. Kathleen Murphy, DVM

St. Joseph