White supremacy has no place in our community


On Saturday, Aug. 10, an unknown person or persons went, under cover of darkness, to the back of Full Circle Café in Stevensville and pasted a white supremacist poster on the back door. The same day, a similar poster was pasted to the door of Luisa’s Café in Harbert.

This poster attempted to justify white supremacy by suggesting that people who support this distorted and dangerous ideology are resisting efforts to “disavow our history, tear down our monuments, and replace our people with foreigners.” The poster also suggested that to be a “bigot” or “racist” is “a matter of belief, values, and faith. It is therefore a right guaranteed by God and the principle of religious freedom.”

Sadly, religion has long been used to justify bigotry and hate. Slave owners used Bible stories, especially the so-called “curse of Ham,” to rationalize the brutality of slavery. In modern times, white supremacists have used biblical references to “prove” that white people are a superior race and to “justify” suppressing the rights of non-white individuals.

White supremacy is a false and dangerous ideology. It has no place in our community.

The Race Relations Council of Southwest Michigan condemns white supremacist bigotry in all its forms. We believe that all people are created equal and that all people are entitled to equal rights.

We urge everyone in our community to resist the bigotry of white supremacy and to support efforts to create a climate of equality and respect for all individuals and groups throughout Southwest Michigan.

For those who would like to discuss this issue further, please consider attending a meeting of the Race Relations Council. To learn more about the group, call 269-921-0531.

Gladys Peeples-Burks, Stevensville

Audrey Lester, St. Joseph

Education Committee Members, Race Relations Council of Southwest Michigan

Trump profits from the presidency


Emolument is a word tracing its origin to Rome and meaning gain or profit. We have rules against our elected officials profiting from their employment with us. It prevents corruption and has been unmentioned for years because there did not seem a reason to discuss this job restriction.

How much has Trump made? The man who would be “working so hard he won’t have time to golf” has gone to his properties to golf over 150 times and a conservative estimate of $25,000 profit each visit presents him with bigly gain as we pay for extra rooms – that is $3.75 million just for part of his golf expense. That is nearly $4 million dollars we have paid him to golf, and you know he cheats.

That is profit only, and we have paid huge sums for his little getaway fits. Now add the cost we pay for his rallies. What was the cost to send him to D-Day ceremony where he stayed in as it was raining. We pay for this and many seem not to mind. He leases our building in Washington, D.C., and reaps millions from other countries trying to gain his attention.

Cohort Bill Barr paying $30,000 for holiday party – no one reading this is invited but I think we will pay for it. He is trying to do to our country what he has done as a business model. First, get in with big promises; second, put “family” into place;  and third, overpay everyone and suck out assets – then bankrupt the business.

He did say he would run the country like his many successful businesses, and the many bankruptcies he leaves in his wake – steaks, wine, education, airline, pro sports, casinos, etc. He fails at everything and is disturbing. Sorry creditors and investors and, yes, voters. Please vote this and all future elections.

William Sullivan

St Joseph