The unreported truth about climate change


Climate change is getting a lot of press, but the largest factors are not covered. Just some of the obvious are mentioned here.

Ethanol has the highest carbon footprint of all fuels. It takes the equivalent of a gallon and a half of carbon dioxide producing fossil fuel to distill one gallon of ethanol which also produces carbon dioxide. Also, ethanol has only 75 percent of the energy compared to fossil fuel. However, the government subsidizes ethanol heavily, which places production under government political control.

Air conditioning did not exist just 80 years ago. China and India are expanding fossil fueled energy at unlimited rates for production of goods and improvements to their standard of living. In fact, China produces more carbon dioxide than any other country and will double carbon emissions in the next 10 years. India is close behind. Enormous additional energy will be needed just for air conditioning to the four billion Chinese, Indians and Indonesians. Climate sensitive world governments ignore the enormous and ever-increasing use of carbon dioxide producing fuels by developing nations. If carbon dioxide elevation was the climate apocalypse as reported, wouldn’t it make sense for worldwide limits for air conditioning at above 90 degrees and a heating limit at under 50 degrees before all humans demand close to 70-degree temperature control? Temperatures between 50 and 90 degrees are healthy and no one would die because of it.

Twenty years ago, China had almost no cars and now China is the world’s largest producer and market. India, Indonesia, etc., are to follow getting cars and the climate change advocates ignore it. The expansion of the unabated carbon dioxide increase is ignored for the developing world, and it is huge.

Climate change advocate countries praise Brazil’s energy policy to maximize ethanol production. Brazil is clear-cutting the rain forest to grow sugar cane for ethanol factories. The fact that the Amazon basin rain forests produce 20 percent of the world’s oxygen is ignored. The fact that more carbon dioxide would be better for optimum plant growth is ignored. The fact that Brazil is greatly expanding its oil production to get the fuel for ethanol distillation is ignored. The fact that ethanol subsidies are bankrupting Brazil is ignored.

Could it be that the fundamental reason for climate change control is political? Socialism requires that the middle class, PC for the masses, be convinced that there is a world problem so huge that only a strong central government can minimize, but not eliminate, it. Global climate change, even if it is imaginary, fits that role perfectly. There is no question that all climate-change-concerned countries are morphing to socialism. What is strange is that the mass media fully encourages the move to socialism even though they know, or should know, that under socialism there is no free press.

Robert Jackson

St. Joseph