To Trump, it’s all about money


The MAGA slogan, which was stolen from the former most popular (according to Donald Trump) Republican president, Ronald Reagan, nowadays stands for Making Attorneys Get Attorneys, although it’s not just attorneys, its all of the league of liars in the so-called swamp-drainers administration, most who are drowning in corruption and deceit.

On the campaign trail in 2016 Trump said he didn’t need anyone’s money for his campaign because he’s very rich. Yet of course the man who said on camera, “I’m greedy, very greedy. I want more and more money,” used 90 percent donor money to fund his campaign. The fact is, Trump is all about money, selling himself and his country out constantly. The time Trump was seen getting on a plane with what looked like toilet paper stuck to his foot was probably a price tag. We’re talking about a man who donated almost nothing to his own foundation and was caught cheating it for his own use. His phony university was a pyramid scheme.

Now he just tried to host the next G7 meeting at his failing Florida golf course, but because of the blowback, even from his spineless party, he cancelled the plans. Trump cares only about money and getting re-elected. There isn’t a dollar left on the table since he cheated his way into the White House with Putin’s help.

Now he’s been caught red-handed trying to get help for his 2020 Campaign from Ukraine, which shows how he would use any means to cheat again, welcoming any foreign help. He claims he was worried about corruption in the Ukraine, and not digging up dirt on a political rival. All of a sudden he is worried about corruption in the Ukraine? What about the corruption in Russia? Or the corruption in any number of countries? The only time Trump is worried about corruption is when he’s not in on it.

This president is so for sale, if a country pays cash like Trump said Saudi Arabia does for access to his properties, they can get away with murder. Just ask the family of Jamal Khashoggi, the U.S. citizen who was murdered and dismembered by the crown prince’s henchmen in Turkey.

Now Trump, who coincidently has two towers and business interests in Istanbul, Turkey, has abandoned our Kurdish allies, who lost over 6,000 people helping us fight ISIS, giving the green light to Trump’s personal ally, who he calls a good friend, brutal dictator Recep Erdogan, to ethnically cleanse and slaughter our Kurdish allies, which of course also pleases Putin. Putin’s plan to divide our country by supporting Trump is working perfectly – he doesn’t even have to lift a finger, Trump does it all for him. Trump the Triumphant Trader wins again.

Tim Pullins